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How it Works

- Good News... It is easy!   Send us some information and or photos of the collection beforehand.

 After the release form is filled out you can box up your knives and send them to us.  

'Old School Knife Works' 

8285 Georgia Rd. 

Otto, NC 28763

* It is the responsibility of the seller/shipper to pack your knives carefully.

 Old School Knife Works is not responsible for broken or damaged knives during shipping and will not be held liable.

 Once they arrive here, we will evaluate and make you an offer.  Most offers are submitted  back within 48 hours. 

  At that point you can either accept or decline our offer. 

We will need written verification if  accepting the offer. (Email, text, Facebook Message)

 We will not authorize a verbal transaction. 

If you decline the offer, we will simply ship them back to you at our expense with proof of a shipping.

*The address given to us is the address the knives will ship back to.

It is the responsibility of the seller to provide the correct address. 

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